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Store boarded up windows with sheets of plywood with grocery carts outside
When your home is subjected to fire, floods, severe weather, vandalism, or accidents, immediate and secure actions are crucial to prevent further harm. Century Restoration is your prompt responder, offering emergency board-up services that create robust barriers against the elements and unwelcome visitors. Our adeptness lies in fortifying shattered windows, weakened walls, and damaged doors. Furthermore, we extend our expertise to deliver top-notch tarping solutions for compromised roofs. These proactive measures form an effective bulwark against ongoing home deterioration.

When Do You Need a Roof Tarp Or Board-Up Service?

The extent of your home’s damage determines the need for our services following any of the following events:

Fire Damage
A fire in an old abandoned house, a view from the window of a neighboring high-rise building.

After fire devastation, compromised structures, fragile walls, and roof perforations are common. Our emergency board-up service and roof tarping efficiently mitigate further destruction and property loss, serving as interim protection until comprehensive restoration is achieved.

Home and Property Damage! Wind Damage!

Harsh weather can unleash various forms of property damage. Intense winds uproot trees, propelling branches through windows, while hail and rain inflict roof damage. Tornadoes, hail and high winds can exacerbate the situation, tearing siding and shingles, even leaving parts of the home completely exposed to the elements. In each scenario, safeguarding windows, walls, and roofs is paramount to fend off additional weather-related harm.  We also can remove tree limbs or other debris from the property.

board and tarp up

There’s a large number of reasons you may be faced with a need to secure your property due to water damage. Roof leaks from heavy rain necessitate tarping to temporarily seal gaps. Conversely, burst underground pipes or natural disaster-induced flooding can compromise flooring and drywall, jeopardizing wall integrity and demanding immediate board-up intervention.

Aerial view of firemen fighting with fire near old factory biulding in industrial area
When accidents occur, from minor incidents like shattered windows due to sports equipment to major collisions involving vehicles or industrial equipment. Our emergency board-up services provide a vital security solution while you strategize your next steps. Rest assured, your property remains shielded from the elements and intrusions until repairs are concluded.
Shattered glass

Regrettably, vandalism inflicts its share of damage. Windows shattered by projectiles and doors breached by force warrant prompt board-up measures. Securing entry points is essential as you await window or door replacements.

When you're in need of emergency services, you can count on Century Restoration to be there.

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