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Mold Remediation Service

Minimizing the impact of mold on your family’s health and property hinges on a well-executed mold removal strategy. The rapid and safe execution of mold removal becomes pivotal when your home becomes susceptible to its invasion. Given that mold can proliferate throughout your premises in as little as 72 hours, prompt intervention is essential to prevent potential health risks to your family and property damage.

When you reach out to Century Restoration, our swift response includes a thorough assessment of your situation including mold inspection and testing. Our adept professionals, armed with cutting-edge equipment and expertise, embark on mold removal and mitigation, accurately identifying the water source responsible for the mold growth. Our collaborative approach ensures that the mold cleanup and remediation process is executed with minimal disruption to your family’s routine.


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Mold Remediation & Mold Removal for Businesses

Business owners confronted with a mold predicament share a common goal: swift action to curb its escalation and mitigate the risk of extensive workplace disruptions. Century Restoration’s proficient team operates in concert with you and the occupants of your establishment, orchestrating mold removal and mold remediation efforts while minimizing interference with your business operations.

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Century Tips: What to do when you have a mold problem

Mold spores are spread throughout the air and fans and HVAC systems can cause a minor mold problem to become very severe, even leading to health problems

Keep out of the infected area and make sure it is not accessible by kids or pets.

If possible prevent the source of the moisture that led to the growth of mold, but DO NOT attempt to dry the mold infected area, as this can expose you to health risks and lead to further spread of spores.


Touch the Mold

Have Fans operating and blowing air across the surface

Do not spray bleach of disinfectant on the mold

Do not paint over the mold

WARNING: Exposure to mold spores can lead to severe health risks. It is not recommended to disturb mold in any way without consulting with experts. Century Restoration is just a phone call away!

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