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In-house Construction Services

Century Restoration has a full in-house staff of construction professionals.  Our comprehensive services simplify the process for our customers as well as insurance companies, who can handle their projects with a single point of contact with no headaches from having to hire multiple companies or dealing with companies that sub-contract the work.  

When disaster restoration requires significant construction to restore, Century Restoration can provides a complete service, start to finish, to fully restore your damaged property.

We are trusted experts to fully rebuild your damaged property and restore it to pristine condition.

Roofing is a common need in the event of a fire or severe weather, which is why we have roofing teams on staff.  We do roofing projects of all types, including outside of our primary restoration work.

Sometimes our customers decide to make updates to their property beyond the scope of their restoration needs, and we are fully prepared to assist you in not just restoring your property but completely remodeling your property.

Our Disaster Restoration Technicians, as well as our construction professionals, both have extensive experience in Commercial and Industrial projects.  

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