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St Louis Water Damage Restoration

Whether due to a storm, flood, or plumbing mishap, significant water damage can wreak havoc on your home. Swift water removal is crucial to curbing the extent of harm. At Century Restoration, our experts specialize in water extraction and meticulous water damage cleanup, followed by comprehensive water damage restoration tailored to your residence’s needs.

Our client-centric professionals initiate the process by evaluating the water damage to your residential property. Armed with this assessment, we guide you through the severity of the situation, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your home’s restoration. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment, our adept team detects concealed moisture and promptly eliminates any standing water through efficient water extraction.

With our wealth of experience in repairs and property restoration, you can confidently entrust us to formulate a customized plan for restoration, ensuring your home regains its pristine, pre-damaged state. Century is your St. Louis water damage restoration pros.


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Water Damage & Restoration Solutions for Businesses

For business owners, any water damage to your establishment demands swift resolution with minimal interruption to daily operations. A simple call to Century Restoration is your key to rapid water damage repair and restoration, effectively minimizing downtime and revenue loss.

No matter the extent of water damage your business has sustained, our seasoned professionals possess the expertise and tools to address the situation. Collaborating closely with you and fellow occupants, we orchestrate the restoration process with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business functions.

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Century Tips: What to do During a leak or flood

In the event of a flood or a leak doing everything you can to stop the flow will help protect your property and prevent it from getting worse.  Turning off the water at its source (or contacting a qualified party) for plumbing leaks.  For water leaking from the ceiling, use buckets or other containers to collect water.  

If accessible, turn off circuit breakers to rooms that are wet.  STAY AWAY from any wet or flooded areas that may be exposed to plugged in electronics or electrical outlets.  Do not operate ceiling fixtures when the ceiling is wet.  Do not use a Vacuum to extract water as this can lead to electrical shock.

Leaving areas with puddles of water for long periods of time can cause severe damage to your property.  Using a mop or towels to blot wet areas can help protect your property from further damage

Remove valuables from rooms that are wet.  Place blocks or foil under furniture legs that are on wet carpeting.  If the source of the water is contained and the area is secure, set up fans as soon as possible to begin drying the area.

In the event your property has been exposed to large amounts of water or moisture has persisted over a long period of time undetected, contact us and our experts will make sure your property is dry, clean, and fully restored!

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